Arisaema candidissimum

Section Franchetiana

Perhaps one of the most popular Arisaema in cultivation – a superb garden plant, being easy to please, widely available and beautiful in appearance.

Several clones are in cultivation, some with a faint but attractive rose scent, whilst others appear scentless. Originally discovered and introduced by the renowned plant collector, George Forrest, it is still possible to find ‘Forrest Clone’ in a few collections.

The most commonly seen clone has a faint pinkish tinge to the inside of the spathe. Various pale forms also exist with the best of these being almost pure white. More rarely seen are green or reddish forms introduced from China. I’ve heard reliable reports of a yellow form too, but have never seen images of this,

Arisaema candidissimum can become a large plant with a broad trifoliate glossy leaf reaching 60cm or so in height and width.

In my experience seed seems to set rarely, if ever, unless hand pollination is carried out; after which seed set can be prolific.


Tubers are typical for those species within Section Franchetiana – large (to 12-13cm in diameter) and reddish brown. Arisaema candidissimum reproduces very readily from offsets.

Seeds and germination:

Seeds can be stored dry with no significant loss of viability. Germination is easy and typically takes around 6 – 8 weeks.

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