Arisaema consanguineum

Section Sinarisaema.

Arisaema consanguineum has a very wide distribution throughout Asia. In fact, it has the widest distribution of all the Asian species. It therefore comes as no surprise that there is a correspondingly wide level of variation within the species both in appearance and hardiness.

The inflorescence is held beneath the foliage, which consists of one or two radial leaves. There are several superb variegated plants in cultivation, and these are well worth seeking out, as are the pale silver leaved clones. Leaf tips can extend to long filaments, although not always so. The inflorescence is either male or female and the spathe can be various shades of green, usually with darker colouration over the spathe hood. There is considerable mis-naming within the horticulture trade with reddish spathed forms of Arisaema consanguineum being sold as Arisaema erubescens. The real Arisaema erubescens is a very different beast.

Several attractive cultivars are available. Perhaps the most popular being ‘The Perfect Wave’.

Hybridisation is a common problem within garden-grown plants from Section Sinarisaema, and Arisaema consanguineum is no exception. Lots of plants within the nursery trade have inadvertently been crossed with Arisaema ciliatum resulting in a confusing mix of features.



The tuber is subglobose, reaching around 5 or 6cm in diameter. It is important to note that Arisaema consanguineum makes sessile offsets from the main tuber and never stolons. The presence of stolons would point towards Arisaema ciliatum or hybridisation.

Seeds and germination:

Seeds can be stored dry with no significant loss of viability. Germination is easy and typically takes around 4 – 8 weeks.

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