Arisaema neglectum

Section Tortuosa.

Arisaema neglectum is a little known species. This seems largely down to the fact that G. and L. Gusman incorrectly stated it as a synonym of Arisaema tortuosum in their monograph ‘The Genus Arisaema’. It is in fact a clearly distinct and very different species. Material of Arisaema neglectum is not commonly seen in cultivation, and has probably only been introduced into collections a handful of times at most.

It is a deciduous and tropical species from Southern India. The pseudostem is very short indeed and hardly apparent in young or immature specimens,  but is prominent in older and larger plants. Only a single leaf is produced, an obvious and key difference to Arisaema tortuosum, and the inflorescence is held level with, or just below this leaf. The leaf is a vibrant glossy green.

Spathe colouration is pale green, sometimes with very faint white vertical stripes. In some individuals a maroon tinge can extend over the hood. The spadix can also vary between green and maroon and extends out and upwards in an ‘S’ shape in a very similar manner to Arisaema tortuosum. Clearly, any confusion between these two species arises from the appearance of the inflorescence.


The tuber is subglobose and flowers from only a small size. Sessile offsets or bulblets are produced in abundance.

Seeds and germination:

I have not yet set seed, but it should be possible to store seeds dry with no significant loss of viability.

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